Slovakia is often called the “heart of Europe” because of its central placement on old continent. Many tourists visit Bratislava, the capital of this country, to uncover the history, culture and nature. When visiting the city for a few days, you have to decide in advance what you want to see. Hopefully this guide will help you decide more easily.

A walk downtown

This may seem boring at first sight. But the historical center of Bratislava has much to offer; not only its medieval streets, and the atmosphere created by locals and tourists alike, spending their leisure time in the lovely cafes or bars. All visitors are encouraged to discover the little streets full of history and live the thrill of centuries past.

Bratislava’s castles

In Bratislava there are two castles that can be admired. Bratislava Castle is placed up on a hill, downtown the city. It offers a wonderful view of the entire city, the neighboring countries Austria and when weather permits, also Hungary. The castle played an important role in the history of the Kingdom of Hungary and the Habsburg monarchy.

Devin Castle has a strategic position at the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers. This place has been fortified since the Bronze Age. Later, the Celts and Romans have built fortresses here. In 1809, the castle was destroyed by Napoleon I. Today tourists are welcome to visit the ruins.

Traditional Slovak cuisine and wines

Tourists can find a lot of international restaurants in Bratislava. Those who want to try traditional dishes must go to a Slovak restaurant. Bryndzove halušky is one of the main dishes that must be tried by all those who visit Slovakia, it’s actually a plateau with the most delicious foods of the country. Also, if you hear of Haluškysunt, you should know that they are some irregularly shaped soft dumplings flavored with bryndza (goat cheese) and ham.

Wine production in Slovakia is divided into 6 regions located in the south: Small Carpathian, South Slovakia, Nitra, Central Slovakia, Eastern Slovakia and Tokaj wine region. Slovakian wines are very popular among locals and neighboring countries.

Museums and galleries

Tourists interested in history and culture can visit some of the many museums of the city Bratislava. The Slovak National Museum is the most important of them and is focused on scientific research. It was founded in 1961. Headquartered downtown, the museum has several other specialized departments across Slovakia that you will definitely enjoy and admire.

Slovak National Gallery is in fact a network of galleries. The main gallery is in Esterházy Palace, and in the year 1970 an annex was added. In the gallery, there are exposed permanent collections and temporary exhibitions as well.

Clubbing in the hottest clubs

Although Bratislava city center breathes history at every turn, young people on its streets make you feel in a modern and full of life city. Here you will find many pubs, bars and clubs which are worth visiting and fun is guaranteed. The Dubliner’s Irish Pub is very popular among English and Irish tourists. Other bars where the atmosphere is special are Malecon, Paparazzi or Downtown. Fashion Club or Trafo are preferred by young discos.

Overall, Bratislava has it all: classic culture, great architecture, amazing food, lively atmosphere and a modern lifestyle. You will definitely love it and we guarantee that you will return for more!

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