The western Carpathians on the territory of Romania are the home of some of the most beautiful natural sights in the country. The amazing natural treasures are beginning to gain popularity and worldwide fame and and also a greater number of tourists who are impressed by the fairy tale –like scenery, clean air and the habitability of the locals.  There are many things to be seem in these surroundings, but let us start getting acquainted to the area by being introduced to three of the most beautiful cascades that you can imagine.

Susara Cacade

Susara Waterfall is on the easiest route that you can take (the sign of the blue cross): from Sasca Montana on the Susara river, about 40 minutes of quiet walking with a side a little more difficult when you have to do balancing along a wall so you do not fall into the river that is 20 centimeters deep. The two-stage waterfall is about 15 meters high and the water falls on a thin wire, on a steep rock covered in green moss, in a crystalline pool. You can include Susara on a longer route, about 4 hours long, which includes the Devil’s Lake endpoint, through Cracu Porcului and The Seats – two of the stops that will offer you a great view.

Vaioaga Waterfall

Located in the Nera- Beusnita National Park, on Bei River, Vaioaga Waterfall is one of the most beautiful in the entire country. It can be reached on foot from the park entrance (where you pay a fee of 5 lei), following the road to the Trout Basin or by car, on the same country road. After 2 km, on the right, you will see the panel that signals the presence of the waterfall. Descend a few meters and you will find yourself in a beautiful natural setting, whose central attraction – Vaioaga – will surround you with it’s hectic and neverending song, protected by a tree trunk whose dramatic diagonal increases its beauty.

Bigar Cascade

A few years ago, the site of the World Geography wrote about Bigar cascade, including it in the top ten most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Situated on the 45th parallel, the DN57b, 12 kilometers from the town of Bozovici, the waterfall has indeed a special beauty, being fed by a spring which flows into the water of the Minis river. Its peculiarity is that water flows evenly on a huge mushroom-shaped rock, “dressed” in green moss.

The waterfall is very easy to find, situated right on the road between Anina and Bozovici. During the busy and crowded days, the parked cars block the naval lane. Due to the fact that little has been added to the environment and the road is almost as rough as possible, with no particular urban-development, the waterfall can be photographed from above high, and descending to the base of the “mushroom”, from any possible and impossible agle.

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