If you are heading to southwestern Turkey, nearby the famous Antalya resort – to be more precise -, you have the chance to explore one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean and Aegean coastline. From the idyllic destination named Cirali, to the historic towns of Kas and Dalyan, meet with the top attractions of a holiday truly unforgettable.

Cirali – is a coastal city unique. Nestled at the foot of Mount Olympus (not the famous one in Thessaly/Pieria, Greece – the land of mythical gods, but the one on the current land of Turkey – which used to belong to Greece not long ago, hence the onomastic similarities!), this place is full of hotels and pensions surrounded by fantastic gardens where red poppies grow, where you can indulge yourself with pomegranates, and the peacocks wander freely among the palm trees. Think of an alpine holiday resort plus benefits from the beach and you’ll understand about what to expect in Cirali. If you get bored to just sit on the sand in the sun, you only have to jump in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and experience one of the best swim of life.

Visiting the town of Olympos is mandatory when you are here – an ancient Lycian city, dating from the 2nd century BC, Olympos is placed in a lovely valley that leads directly to the sea. Admire the turtles that swim here and the poppies that grow among ancient Roman ruins. Chimaera should not be missed either – a group of flames burning on the rocks on Mount Olympus. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes because the slope is steep and is 2 km long. The beginning of May is the ideal time to come in Cirali since the place is very crowded during the summer. While on your mountain ascent, make a stop at one of the restaurants in Ulupinar.

Kas – the quiet seaside Town is very popular among those wanting relaxation, and adventure. Divers, paragliding and kayak practitioners gather here during summer for water sports. You’ll love the meandering streets of Kas from the first moment, with their abundant jasmine and bougainvillea bushes and the cats dozing in the sun. The place is full of shops and restaurants, so you don’t need to worry. In the center there is a sandy beach, but you can rent lounge chairs at one of the many terraces of the hotels on the coast.

For a fun trip, take the ferry for a trip that lasts 20 minutes to the Greek island of Meis (Kastellorizo) to taste the moussaka and the grilled fish. A kayak trip to the sunken city Kekova must not missed, as well. Avoid the peak season when the high temperatures make Kas get unbearably hot. If you like interior design, antiques and jewelry, pay a visit to shop Uzunçar Turqueria, or 21 Street, and you will purchase a lovely souvenir.

Ölüdeniz – Get Ready to remain totally awed as you approach the Ölüdeniz lagoon. Located 15 kilometers southeast of Fethiye, this natural turquoise wonder is a very popular scenery that can be found in photos from around the world. It is not thoroughly arranged and the place is still rough, but it’s worth coming here to swim and take pictures. If you like walking and hiking, take a trip on the Lycian way, which begins in Ölüdeniz and reaches Olympos.

Dalyan – Located in the western part of the Turquoise Coast, Dalyan is a natural environment for the species of turtles that live there; but here you can enjoy the benefits of mud baths and admire vestiges left by the European forefathers since ancient history. Surrounded by mountains covered with pine forests and cotton plantations, this small town has a unique wild beauty. One-day trips aboard a boat ride up the Dalyan Delta. Among the attractions here, there are included the rock-carved tombs dating from the 4th century, the lovely and friendly sea turtles and sulfur baths (very good for the health if you can ignore the rotten egg smell of the sludge).

Along the way, you can find excellent accommodation locations in Istanbul and Ankara. You will definitely fall in love with this place and will want to come back again.

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