You’re spending your holiday in Bucharest and thought to go out and do not know where? Bucharest is one of the most fun capitals to go to, due to the great diversity of possibilities to enjoy your time: from cultural events, art festivals, galleries, theaters with international repertoire, translated into English, concerts and lot, lot of restaurants and pubs.

Located in the most beautiful scenery of the Romanian capital, surrounded by elegant buildings of exquisite architecture, the most crowded collection of pubs is gathered in the Old Town – the historical center of Bucharest, a beautiful area with old, elegant buildings, narrow streets paved with cobble stone, lots of chic shops and a great number of lounges and restaurants, some of them lasting since the 18th century.

So, now that you know about how vivid Bucharest is, you have a choice between clubs in the Old Town and the rest of the city and you have no idea where to have fun better? We give you some reasoning that will hopefully make you choose the ones in the Old Town, at “Kilometer 0” – like it’s called around here – , at least for now.

The first and main reason is that you have a choice. There are so many clubs that you find the right one for your tastes can be very easy. They are very close to each other. If you walk into one and you don’t like the music or atmosphere across the street you’ll find other 2-3 which will provide the alternative you need.

Another reason why you should begin your epic experience in the Old City is related to the variety. They have locations for each style: dance, rock, oldies, you can choose between student clubs or luxury, biker’s clubs, or oriental style – you name it! It’s such a wide variety that you will surely find the one that suits you best – at least for today! – even if it can be a difficult task, because everything looks so tempting.

You think these are the best reason? Wait to hear this one: prices. Good prices. Bucharest is already known for having some of the lowest beer prices in Europe. You do not pay for the entrance in almost none of them, and bar prices are the lowest, incomparable with other “exclusive” clubs, where you will get the same thing and a quadruple cost. 😉

Another good reason is the atmosphere. If you had already been in a club in the Old Town before, then you certainly know what I mean. It is an outpouring of energy, good humor and nonconformity that you won’t find elsewhere.

Have I lost counting? Well, yet ANOTHER reason is, perhaps the first in many respects, the quality of the people. Old Center already has its own community, the open, beautiful, merry fun people of the capital without putting on the Ritz. And it’s a non-violent place, probably one of the safest in Europe. Even if there’s a black sheep who took one too many drinks, there are plenty of security companies and police officers around Old Town who are always on duty and ready to protect the citizens.

Another reason is represented by the facilities take in the Old Town. You’re in the club and you get hungry? You have so many restaurants and pubs that you can chose from; at this chapter also note that there are plenty of ATMs, exchange offices etc. And if you need a taxi, there is a taxi station at one of the main entrances in the Old City, at the entrance on Selari Street. But if you’re not too late and you are still on time to catch the public transport, you can choose the subway, or take one of the night bus lines.

The last reason consists in the feeling you get when you stroll around the bohemian streets of Old Bucharest. It’s something worth writing a novel, it’s a state that you feel with every step you take, every street corner and every building that preserves a memory of this fascinating city; an iconoclast adventure that will charge you for another week or another adventure.

So come along and we promise you that you will get a beautiful addiction and you will ask for more!

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