Delta is not a common and handy tourist destination. Moreover, it could be said that Delta is not a cheap destination. On the contrary. If you plan on getting to the Danube Delta by private car, you must leave it in Tulcea, then take a speedboat to transport you across the forearms, canals and meandres in a hostel, hotel or at a local home.

We can also say that Delta is not a destination table for the masses, and the feeling of exclusivity that it expresses is simply perfect and should remain intact. However, it is a pity that tourists do not visit this place unique in Europe as much as it should happen – in a larger number, but not that much as to create any imbalance in the environment.

Danube passes through 2860 km from the spot where it springs, in the Black Forest Mountains in germany, to the Black Sea, flowing through the three arms which comprise an area of rare biodiversity. Very interesting irds (over 320 species) among which we can count pelicans, cormorants, egrets and others, along with 133 species of fish that give a particular value of economic importance; 1830 species of trees and plants; over 2,400 species insects; 11 species of reptiles and 44 species of mammals – all make Delta a special place to be preserved and, of course, visited.

Delta is the best opportunity for someone who comes for the first time here and wants to mix a little of the following ingredients: relaxing hovering on the canals, fish meals, amazing photos, sunrises and sunsets that come out of the most wonderful dreams.

Whether you sit by the pool or in the hammock, listening to the chirping of birds, whether savor tasty fish soup pot, whether youlet the wind maneuvere the boat on lakes and canals in search of pelicans and swans, either wake up at 5 am as to see the sunrise or to stretch a wire rods in calm waters in any of those moments you discover something of the charm of this wonderful place.

Admire rare birds in their own habitat. Sure, maybe you’re not passioned or “crazy” enough to sit for hours and catch a hawk hawk or an evening falcon on the camera lens in what is called “birding” (or bird watching, as it is said in universal language. But clearly, the birds make the delight of the Delta and as long as you travel the canals by boat, it’s impossible to do not catch in the camera “net” pelicans, swans, herons, egrets, spoonbills, glossy ibis, gulls etc. Get a room with a big zoom lens. Shoots birds from afar, do no stress and do not aggress them; you are their guest, even if some of them are only passing through the delta.

Eat fish soup! You’ve probably heard many times the word that the best fish soup is made with water from the Danube; it’s not clear how tru it is, or if it’s just a legend to make it sound more “exoric”, but you should know that the best fish soup is done on the waterfront, with the soup bowl hung by trivets. You can choose from several species of fish: carp, crucian etc. And the service must separate the fish from the gravy; the fish is put on a platter, along with garlic sauce, polenta and possibly hot peppers.

While in the Danube Delta, you should wake up early to see the sunrise and do not miss the sunset, either! The birds and the sun create a spectacular show that can only bee seen in the Danube Delta. The show is unforgettable and unmissable. Romantic people will have everything to gain and the least romantic will have the most amazing photos that will be perfect and will surely gain some extra likes on social networks. Or not.

Go fishing! Even if you are not fond of fishing anf you are not an amateur fisherman, you can always have fun and try your luck, you’ll be amazed of what you can catch! There is an abundance of fish. Ask him the boatman to take you to the best places.

Go boating! The boatmen will take you along the canals among the beautiful water lilies, or you can go afloat on the mirror-like surface of the lakes, that are chockfull of pelicans and other birds. If you start a conversation with any of the local boatmen and ask them questions, you will be surprised of what you will encounter; some are not too talkative but if you know how to sound the out on any subject, they will open up and begin uttering their stories. Others, however, are walking encyclopedias. If you can afford that, make your trips longer; the longer they are, the more interesting they get. Go to Crisan, Sulina, St. George, Murighiol or Portita. Every square meter is different from the other, every corner has something else to releav and the scenery is simply amazing, and hard to describe in words; if you go to the Danube Delta, you will feel it with every cell of your being.

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