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Zakynthos is the third largest island of the Ionian Archipelago and also has become a very popular destination among tourists. Beautiful beaches, charming places to visit and relaxing atmosphere make Zante (as it is nicknamed) a perfect choice for summer vacation.

Getting to Zakynthos

Being an island, Zante is served by ferries leaving from the continental side of the country and from other Greek islands. Ferries to Kefalonia leave from Agios Nikolaos, while the boats to Kilina (Kyllini) leave from Zakynthos town.

There is also an airport in Zakynthos, close to the resorts of Laganas and Kalamaki. It is both domestic and international flights. You can fly from Athens with Olympic Air, whose prices start from 78 euros per person, one way (during peak season). In summer, there are other low-cost airlines offering flights to Zakynthos.

What can you do in Zakynthos

Due to rainfall in winter, Zante is a lush island, known as the “Flower of the Levant”. A very good time to visit the island is between March and May, when everything turns green.

The island was hit by several earthquakes over time. But the main town was rebuilt and still retains the resemblance to San Marco Square in Venice.

Blue grottos are a must-see. Located in the north of the island, they are known for the turquoise color of the waters (especially in the morning). Tour operators offer guided tours in the area of these unique formations and caves.

The wreck of Navagio was brought ashore in 1981 and is now a tourist attraction known worldwide. Situated in a wonderful location, it offers excellent possibilities for taking creative pictures. The best snapshots can be captured on the platform next to the Agios Gergio Kremnao monastery. And for even more wonderful panoramas of the horizon, go to Cape Skinari in the north side of the island.


Zakynthos is blessed with a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. It is known to be the sunniest place in Greece. In August, temperatures can easily reach 32º Celsius and humidity is quite high. To avoid high temperatures, plan your journey in May, June, September or October.

The wonderful beaches of Zante

Zakynthos has some of the most wonderful beaches in Greece. Agios Nikolaos is the best on the island. There you can find a bar and you practice a lot of sports: from water sports to sky diving and other extreme sports. Xehoriati beach is quieter and offers dreamlike landscapes and a lovely view from which you can admire Kefalonia from afar. There are two restaurants on the beach with fresh delicious food, where you can indulge yourself in traditional Greek meals.

Enjoy your time here and we assure you that you will want to return!

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