Jul 26

The Scientific Reservation ‘Codri’ (Rezervatia Stiintifica “Codrii”)

In the technological era, when machines seem to have taken hold of the earth, it is quite difficult to find a “little piece of heaven,” a place where you can be surrounded by nature on all sides. Because wild regions are scares nowadays, people have found a way to protect the environment – by declaring a certain area a natural or scientific reservation.

So is the case with ‘Codri’ Reservation, the 5177 ha which have been declared protected under the law in 1971. The area safeguards about 1000 species of plants, 43 species of mammals, 145 species of birds, 7 species of reptiles as well as different types of amphibians and insects. You can accurately name the reservation a “museum of nature” because there are so many species of plant life and wildlife here.



The reservation is located between the Prut and Nistru Rivers and incorporates a part of the forests and terrains situated in the Codri area. Due to its geographical position and thus its climatic conditions, the region has always been covered by trees.

The hydrological network is quite diversified consisting of three rivers which flow into Nistru: Botna, Cogalnic and Bac, whose total length reaches 27 km. The last time the area was examined from a hydrological perspective, the researchers had reached the conclusion that there are 15 brooks, 56 basins and numerous springs which traverse the reservation.

The species of plants located here are subjected to in-depth analysis and classification. This is meant both as a way to keep track of the multitude of species found in the region, but also to protect them accurately.



The relief is quite diversified in the sense that there are areas covered completely by forests, but there are also marshes – in the lower regions.

The flora located here consists of species which originated in three phyto-geographic regions: the Mediterranean region, Central Europe and Euro-Asian. Among the multitude of examples of plant life, there are 60 species of rare plants in this scientific reservation.

Why is it relevant to know just how many types of fauna and flora are encountered here? Because, as it has been mentioned previously, there are but a few locations where one can actually feel as being in the middle of nature. This reservation conveys a paradisiacal feel to the one who enters this world. It is virtually impossible to remained unmoved by the sight you are presented with when visiting ‘Codri’ Natural Reservation.