May 17


Therme Center is a new attraction spot located close to Bucharest, in the nearby suburb named Balotesti.

It was opened in January 2016, and it is a complex of spas, theme saunas, pools and aquatic fun, with everything that it implies.

Once you enter, the wide space, which resembles the set of a futuristic / sci-fi movie, will overwhelm you. And so will the gentle personnel who is always there to serve you and make you feel comfortable and very helpful.

It is made up of three sections: Elysium, the Palm and Galaxy. For each zone you will receive a particular wrist-watch that will serve as an electronic wallet that will help you buy whatever you need inside the area and have access to your locker.

Elysium has six saunas – each has a unique motif – , a selenium and zinc panoramic pool, where you can relax and have a drink at the pool bar, sky lounge and terrace, showers, massage, nine different areas with deck chairs and a restaurant which is open daily between 12.00 and 15.00.

The Palm area is a miniature rain forest that hosts about 500 palm trees from all over the world that surround the gigantic pool. There are three other pools dedicated to aromatherapy and Jacuzzi, where you can relax and enjoy a tropical day, regardless of the season you are in.

Galaxy is the family zone, where children and adults as well can enjoy the spectacular slides that look like giant snakes rambling around each other. There is an open-air pool, and another covered one, which simulate sea waves. In the same perimeter there are: another restaurant, a snack bar, several smaller pools and playgrounds, where you can spend quality time with your dear ones.

Therme Complex hosts several scientific workshops with educational and informative purpose, where you will find out more about the secrets of our planet and the cosmos, all you have to do is stay tuned and keep an eye on the schedule.

It is opened daily, and if will offer you a great deal of summertime fun, even if you are in the middle of the winter.