May 02

Vidraru Dam and Vidraru Accumulation Lake (Barajul si Lacul de acumulare Vidraru)

Vidraru Accumulation Lake is an artificial lake situated on Arges River. The lake was developed back in March 1966, when the Vidraru Dam was created. It is located in between two mountains, Fruntii and Ghitu, and extends over 393 ha (10,3 km in length and 2,2 km at its widest part, in the Wolf-Nun Valley area). The dam measures 166 m in height while the depth of the lake reaches 155 m – where it meets the dam.

Vidraru Dam took five and a half years to be completed. In order to make the project come alive, 42 km of underground galleries have been constructed, 1.768.000 square meters of rock have been excavated, close to 1 million cubic meters of concrete have been poured and 6.300 tons of electromechanical equipment have been used.

When it was inaugurated, the dam occupied the fifth place on the European continent and the ninth in the world in terms of size. It is a double curved structure made out of concrete and it is composed of 22 vertical electrical pieces meant to hold the concrete walls together.


The length of the dam, on the upper side is of 307 m and it is traversed by 9 horizontal interior galleries. The immense construction was built with human sacrifices, as almost 80 individuals lost their lives during the building process. The hydro-electric power plant which is located underground (in the Citadel Mountain) produces around 400 GWh of energy on an annual basis with the help of its turbines and the electrical generators.
The dam is illuminated at night, in as much as you can actually spot it from a plane. Access to the dam is done through the eastern shore of the lake, by the road that leads to Balea.  In order to fully grasp the splendor of nature, tourists should ascend on the Belvedere Platform which provides a panoramic image of the surroundings.


Several hundred meters from Vidradu Dam, tourists can visit “Arges House” and the dock where recreational cruises by boat are organized. If you are an adventurer seeking to try out extreme sports, you will be pleased to learn that the dam has the highest bungee jumping in this area.

You need to understand that the dam carries high economic significance as it is an important provider of electricity. But, the construction in itself is an important touristic attraction gathering visitors from all over the world. The immensity of the dam makes the most confident person feel humble, and the beauty of the scenery is definitely worth the trip to Vidraru.