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Vadu Crişului Cave was discovered in 1903 by Gyula Czárán after dynamiting the slope and arranging the wooden stairs and bridges soon after. In 1969, the underground facilities are upgraded and the cave is electrified, becoming the second cave in Romania where the electric lighting was introduced.

Vadu Crişului Cave is located in the Criş Gorge, in Padurea Craiului Mountains (the Princes’ Forest), between the towns of Vadu Cris and Şuncuiuş.

The cave has a length of 1 kilometer, of which 680 meters are allowed to be visited by tourists who are not speologists. It has three main large galleries (besides others that are narrower and more difficult to access), and one of them is used only for paleontological research, which is also famous for having been extensively researched by the famous Romanian explorer, biologist and scientist,  Emil Racoviţă.

Vadu Crişului Cave has a more special status because it is crossed by a stream which originates in the karst plateau Zece Hotare (Ten Borders) – Old Man’s Cave, so basically the water forming  inside the cave is the same that creates the Vadu Crişului Waterfall.

We enter the cave through the left side of the underground creek, we pass by the three galleries going upward, which open on the left, we traverse the Suspended Bridge over the lake and arrive at a party spherical high (globe of Earth), above which a limestone canopy has been formed during the ages.

Then two separate ways are splitting: one lower, along the underground stream and the other way that forms the upper floor. Upstairs hallway after completing a small climb in an upper room, where shall descend into the Balcony Hall with the fallen blocks. Underneath these blocks, we go to the Hell gallery and get reacquainted the creek in the Great Hall of the cave.

The road continues to the point of the Straits, where the corridor is obstructed by fallen boulders where the cave visiting ends.

You can reach the cave:

– By train to Cave Halt on Cluj-Oradea route;

– By train to Vadu Crisului or Şuncuiuş and then walking nearby the railway for about 2 kilometers to the same Cave Halt.

– By car from Vadu Crisului: you can leave your car near the football field in Vadu Crisului and then follow they railway or the new Red Circle tourist route;

– By car from Şuncuiuş: you can leave your car in front of Şuncuiuş station and then walk nearby the railway, again some two kilometers to Cave Halt.

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