May 16

Kravice, a unique tufa waterfall in Herzegovina

medexperience.comProbably one of the most impressive tufa sparkling waterfalls in Europe, Kravice is a great destination to visit when you are in Herzegovinian land. Known as a variety of limestone, tufa is a type of carbonated deposit that tends to grow and it helps the landscape to give birth to beautiful waterfalls. Because of the specific tufa deposits, the waterfall caused by the Trebizat River is considered now a natural phenomenon and it is protected by the law. The presence of Kravice waterfall helps the flora to develop. Here you can admire figs, the chaste tree and poplars.

When visiting Mostar, Medjugorje or Dubrovnik, tourists choose to come for a short trip to see this unbelievable waterfall. Kravice is only 10 km away from Ljubuski as well. Here you can admire the view of the surroundings from 28 meters, this is the estimated height of the waterfall. With each season, the landscape changes and the waterfall gets different shades and colors.

Many locals come to the waterfall and jump from the rocks in the water to cool down in a hot summer day. As a tourist you are invited to do the same or just to relax on the sandy beach. In the summer, after so much swimming and playing in the cold water you can go to the restaurant nearby to enjoy a grilled fish and listen to the soothing sound of falling water.

You can always find a place to camp close to the waterfall, or to enjoy a good coffee in the café nearby, to try the rope swing or to bring your own sandwiches and eat them in the picnic area while watching the enchanting view.

It is recommended for tourists to come during springtime, this way they get the chance to see the nature blooming. The activity preferred by many when visiting Kravice is rafting. Other tourists go to explore the exotic caves around, the old mill or the sailing ship. If you want to visit Kravice and all the interesting things around it, you can do it from May until October.

Another way to spend your time while you are here is taking canoe trips. For 35 euros/person you get a canoe, the necessary equipment, a guide to help you enjoying this experience and a journey of 10 km on the Trebizat River. Feeling the heart beat of the river is the best way you can take a break from the technological civilization.

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