May 10


Targu Ocna is placed on the eastern slope of the Eastern Carpathians, in the historical region of Moldova, in Bacau county, on a picturesque lowland at the confluence of two rivers: Trotus and its affluent, Slanic. The landscape is rugged, with heights which variate between 400m – 600m.

Nature has been generous with this region. Natural riches are varied and important: forests, orchards, vineyards, rivers, farmland and major deposits of coal, salt, construction materials and mineral waters.

The gorges and ghats created by Trotus River and its affluents have built pathways between Moldova and Transylvania, which boosted the exchange of goods and development of the area throughout time.

The history of these places provides the resort with significant beauty and mystery. The settlement flourished in close connection with the intensification of the exploitation of salt.

In parallel with the exploitation, processing and marketing of salt, the “Salt” Targu Ocna, in recent years has been developed as a trendy touristic activity that has medical benefices as well.

At Targu Ocna tourism services have been diversified in later years by arranging of a modern recreation complex, inaugurated in the summer of 2010. At the surface, the location has a swimming pool with salt water, showers, medical consulting room, terrace, shop and free wireless internet.

For a pleasant ambient the visitors can enjoy spending time sunbathing on chaises provided with parasols, playing table tennis and basketball on specifically arranged sports fields for tennis, volleyball and even a bowling alley. Sports equipment can be rented on the spot. There is also a module and a barbecue where different food products can be consumed.

The natural environment adds charm to the formula needed for an unforgettable day and the salt water lake and the waterfall complete the fascinating landscape with their presence.

And within the immense underground voids, the labyrinth of thousand meters galleries, the locals have created a modern touristic base which gives you the impression of a “city in the deep”.

Since the resort has plenty of opportunities for the entire family, children could not be ignored; there are plenty of playgrounds equipped with swings, slides and seesaws. Inflatable slides are the favorite place for the youngest visitors. Slot machines constitute attraction for tourists of all ages and connoisseurs can enjoy a game of pool.

In the underground there is room for gymnastics and a medical consulting room. Respiratory problems are currently treated by specialized personnel.

Inside the mine, there is also a food kiosk, a terrace and souvenir shop, so there are plenty to do and you will have a great time and a wonderful experience.

In 1992, at the initiative of the unity employees in the heart of the salt massif, the first underground Orthodox Church in Europe has been built; the church is dedicated to Saint Barbara, the patron saint of miners. In front of the altar is the iconostasis which consists of 24 icons. On both sides of the altar, there are placed icons of Holy Martyr Barbara and Holy Paraskevi, the patron of Moldova.

The iconostasis, the Throne of the Divine King and the beautiful chandelier illuminating the church have been skillfully manufactured by the miners and artisans of great talent and carefulness, dedicating a piece of their soul to eternity.

Within the complex, there is a newly built “Museum of Salt” where you will find information about the genesis, evolution exploitation and processing of the creation of salt and its therapeutic virtues and you can admire the interesting exhibits that recall the past.

This natural wonder, the salt, so necessary for our daily existence is considered the “white gold of the Earth”, and the “slice” of health and relaxation that visitors will gain by visiting the underground are offer generously to those who know how to value these natural blessings.

Targu Ocna offers a unique experience where you can relax with the entire family, improve your health and knowledge and, last but not least, you will get acquainted to the traditional Moldavian hospitality.

There are plenty more tourist attractions on the perimeter of Targu Ocna; the beautifulOrthodox Church of Saint Barbara, the leisure and touristic base, located in the salt mine on the 9th level underneath the surface, Magura Ocnei Monastery, the church of the former Raducanu Monastery, Magura Park and plenty of historical memorial places and ancients architectural monuments, such as Tescanu Rosetti Cultural Centre – a spot dedicated to the memory of the famous composer George Enescu.

As for accommodation, you have a luxurious hotel and plenty of idyllic pensions that will offer you all the conditions that you need for a perfect holiday.