Sep 14

Kiskunsag National Park (Parcul National Kiskunsag)

It is of utmost importance to preserve intact the scare regions which have managed to maintain their naturelness in this time of urbanism and development which seems to engulf every remnant of wildlife that it runs across.

Hungary is home to ten national park, and Kiskunsag is one of them. This specific national park is situated in Bacs-Kiskun County and it has been created back in 1975. The total area it comprises within its borders is of 570 square kilometers. The park is not a unified component, so to speak, but it encompasses 7 distinct parts, each characterized by specific traits but which, brought together, capture the essence of the Hungarian natural environment.

One of the disconnected units is the Kiskunsag’s Puszta where, on a yearly basis, several events are organized with the purpose of revitalizing the ancient customs and traditions of the countryside.

Another part of the Kiskunsag National Park consists of Lake Kolon which is located in close proximity of the city Izsak. This region is an important ecosystem as it provides shelter to marsh tortois and herons. In terms of plant life, Lake Kolon is renown for the vast space covered with intact reeds and the 9 different species of orchids located in the surrounding area.

Kiskunsag National Park has been named a monument of nature and has become a part of the natural heritages of the world, under the program designed especially for this purpose by UNESCO. The unique examples of flora and fauna encountered here are the ones to convey such a special value to this specific park. Species of avocets, geese, and black-winded stilts have made the park their home.

Besides the permanent ‘dwellers’ of the park, there are also migratory birds which come by the tens of thousands to the area. With such an impressive population of birds it is no wonder that the park has been declared a biosphere reserve. Besides getting to see these beautiful species in their natural habitat, tourists also have the opportunity to find the perfect places where to experience nature to the fullest and this refers to discovering an idyllical location to set their tent and spend some time into the wild.

Even if the park has maintained its wilderness, this does not mean that there are no paths or delimitations set so as to help tourists guide themselves while venturing inside the park. These are aimed at creating the best experience for those interested in exploring Kiskunsag National Park. After visiting this park, you are bound to understand why the place bears the name of ‘House of Nature.’