May 29

Gorky Amusement Park

Are you ready for the ride of your life? Or should we say ‘rides’? In many of the articles posted on this website we have emphasized the importance of retreating to a tranquil resort and of finding that inner peace which would make us return to our day-to-day routine with a new energy. But while an escape into nature is always a good idea, there are moments when you simply need to have fun, and a lot of it.

And what can be more appropriate in this department than finding a great amusement park where you can leave everything behind and experience the thrill of the ‘dangerous rides.’ Yes, it might be a bit crowded for some, but this is part of the definition of an amusement park. In fact, you would not find it that interesting if you were to go on a roller coaster ride all by yourself, would you? And even if you have to wait in line for what seems to be forever, the best part is that when you finally reach the top of the line, and the machine starts to move, you know that the wait was worth it.

In this department of amusement parks, Gorky is renowned. Gorky Park, or Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leasure, as it is officially known, is situated in Moscow and has opened its gates to the public in the early 20th century (1928). The beauty of this park is that it comprises several gardens which extend over an area of 300 acres and it neighbours the Moskva River. And among this natural landscape you discover fun fairs and great rides which fill you with adrenaline.

Gorky was designed by the famous architect Konstantin Melnikov so it is no wonder that the avant-garde influences are noticible within the architectural style of the park. It comes as no surprise that the park had became popular immediatelly after opening. The novelty of this particular type of entertainment attracted masses of people who were impressed not only with the architecture of the park but also with its rollercoasters, space shuttle, big ferris wheel and so on.

But the park was changed almost completely in 2011 when the new administrator of the park decided to take Gorky to the next level and transform it into a ‘green’ recreational facility. This meant removing the majority of the food stands and some of the fun rides and replacing them with different types of leisure activities such as yoga or aerobics. The idea was to get people interested in sport and thus boost their energy level throught healthy activities. Other attractions include various fairs which revolve around art, thus emphasizing the importance of culture and promoting it as much as possible, an open-air cinema and several coffee shops.

In winter, there are specially arranged areas where people can engage in skating or hockey and the best part is that the area dedicated to these activities extends over 18.000 square meters so there is room for everyone to enjoy themselves on the ice.