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There is no person who has not heard about places like Paris, Barcelona or Rome – but Europe is untouched corners that can occur successfully in a top beauty and charm, with the added advantage of being away from the crowds. However, there are places at least as fascinating and beautiful and side are the old continent, which, unfortunately, are less known. Have a look on the list compiled by AboutEastern Europe and discover hidden gems four, but ready to welcome you with open arms, so you can discover the charm.

Lancut, Poland
Poland is full of castles, but Łańcut is truly a breathtaking place. Details of these aristocratic residences, impressive dimensions are delightful, and a tour of the palace takes you through beautifully decorated ballroom, which dominates chandeliers, bigger than you. The city shows a rich history of the Hebrew people and worth visiting Łańcut synagogue here: facade is a true masterpiece, charming by its magnificent columns and frescoes.

Klaipeda, Lithuania
A port city bustling with German-style taverns that studded cliff, Klaipėda is one of the most beautiful European destinations. Reserve a table at Memelis for a plate of cheese, olives and sausages that going for beer. Once you’ve calmed hunger and thirst, you can start exploring the Curonian Spit sands in the wild, found on the Baltic Sea. Make a trip to explore the forests, seafood and folklore of the region.

Tartu, Estonia
Those who come in this beautiful Baltic country, usually headed by Tallinn or the resorts on the island but the vibrant university town of Tartu, also not to be missed. Enters the centuries-old history of these places, making a visit to the tower university, where students serve their punishment once disobedient, or take a walk through the park Toomemägi. In addition, a dinner served in this city will not let bankrupt, so walks confidently in any premises near the university.

Olomouc, Czech Republic
If others have piled on Charles Bridge in Prague, you can enjoy tranquility in Olomouc, one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic. Here you will find the same charm as the architectural capital, less chaos. Plus he has to turn a few aces up his sleeve: Horni Namesti astronomical observatory, holy halls of the monasteries dating from the 12th century and a place where you can eat to your heart: U Andela.

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Europeans love tasty food, good wine and, at the end of the day, enjoying a great time at the spa. From Iceland to Estonia, spas are an integral part of European life (if we go back in history in Greek and Roman times, we will understand why it’s pretty much a part of collective mentality) and often one of the city’s major tourist attractions. But do not think about some New Age scenery that take place in luxurious spaces where you receive hand massages with chocolate and where you can drink Japanese tea. European spas are hot and are located in buildings dating back centuries ago. The great part is that you leave these places feeling rejuvenated and with the feeling that you took part in something special with great tradition.

These three spas that we classified in a top three in the Eastern European region offer not only treatment for body and soul, but also an essential insight into the cultural space where they are located. After all, what better way to know a place than sitting naked in front of the inhabitants? 😀

Szechenyi Thermal Baths – Budapest, Hungary

Budapest was officially recognized “the City of Spas” since 1920, but the hot springs downtown have been enjoyed including by the ancient Romans, whose bathrooms are still running nowadays. There are many options in the surroundings, but one of the best is the Szechenyi spa complex, situated in a grand building with 10 indoor and three outdoor baths. Here you also have saunas, hot tubs and turbulence tubs in which you can relax.

Kalma Sauna – Tallinn, Estonia

Estonians, just like their Finnish neighbors, have a cult of saunas. They are good for the heart, skin and also a great place for socializing. In any house having a sauna is mandatory, and if not, there are public ones, as it is Kalma Sauna, the oldest sauna in Tallinn, dating from 1926. Spend a few hours at Sauna Kalma, hopping between cold showers and even colder pools and then back in the hot sauna.

Cagaloglu Hamami – Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish baths are found in all major cities, but nothing compares to the experience lived in an authentic communal bathroom in Istanbul. The oldest and grandest spa is Cagaloglu Hamami, where you can bathe under an amazing Ottoman marble dome built by Sultan Mehmet I more than 350 years ago. You are here in a warm room, accompanied only by the person who takes care of you, and the relationships that you will established here will reach a few different levels, passing through the stage of relaxation to the one of domination, if you keep in mind that you will be massaged and rubbed with a thick glove that will remove more layers of dead skin than you ever imagined that you have. This entire operation together with the massage usually takes more than an hour, but you can linger there as long as you want, while you drink tea and enjoy the warmth around you.

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