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Turquoise bays, stunning beaches and towns that seemed detached from the stories: Croatia has earned the reputation of being one of the most enchanting places in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, Croatia is no longer the best kept touristic secret of Europe, since the influx of tourists in search of low prices and uncharted territories. Yet you will find something perfect for your stay in Croatia. Below there are some valuable information about the wonderful historic town of Pula.

Located east of Italy in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia adopted several architecture and cuisine from its neighbors after the Istrian peninsula was conquered by the Romans in the year 177 B.C. Nowadays, Pula still retains many monuments dating from the Roman Empire, as a tribute to the history of the Romans whose writing contributed greatly. Pula became a part of Croatia during the war, when residents fled Italy back in their homeland, leaving the locals build the city by themselves.

Things to visit in Pula

If you think about it, do not go on vacation to stay in a hotel room, so explore and discover what Pula has to offer. There are a lot more to do and see than you expect, that will keep the family occupied during the entire length of the stay. Besides admire the Roman architecture that you encounter everywhere, you can do a lot of activities: visits to museums, sunbathing on the beach, racing kart that you can participate with friends and family, observing the marine life at the aquarium.

No trip to Pula would be complete without a visit to the Roman amphitheater, where gladiators fights used to unfold once, and even up to our contemporary days, the amphitheater is still working as a stage, hosting concerts of the biggest names, such as Pavarotti, Jose Carrerras, Elton John, Sting and Jamiroquai.  The Arena in Pula is the sixth largest of the remaining Roman Empire and the only one with all four side towers intact, along with three series of Roman architectural series that rule proudly inside the amphitheater.

Food and drink

If you want to try the local cuisine, among the recommended restaurants there are Galeb, Milan 1967 and Valsabbion, where many of the dishes are inspired from Italian cuisine. But there are also Croatian, Austrian and Hungarian influences. Seafood is not missing from the menu, with fish and shellfish species, a very popular choice among locals. If you want to try a traditional Croatian dish, then you can order the traditional dish named buzara with Kvarner shrimp.

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Croatia is already famous for its beautiful cities, resorts on the Adriatic and superb opportunities for spending your holiday. Increasingly more tourists go to places like Dubrovnik, Pula and Opatija for the summer, looking for total relaxation. However, despite the ravishing beauty of the landscape, not all beaches in these resorts are appreciated by tourists because of the lack of sand and the sharp pebbles. We have here a classification of the best beaches of Croatia, where you can go and enjoy your time:

Dubovica beach

Dubovica is located on Hvar Island, on the Dalmatian coast. It is a lagoon beach, covered with white gravel and dotted with clumps of lavender (hence the fragrant air). The area is relatively less crowded and it is not exploited for tourism. It’s a great place for adults, who are looking for silence, but the beach is not exactly good for the entire family; it is rather for couples and friends. But remember that water is excellent and offers very good conditions for swimming.


Milna is located on the Brac Island and has four lagoon-shaped beaches. Gravel beaches are surrounded by trees and the scenery includes pine forests, vineyards and orchards. If you want to swim quietly this is the perfect place.

Zlatni Rat beach

Also on the Brac Island there is the Zlatni Rat beach, whose name means “Golden Horn”, due golden sands that attract many tourists. People come here especially for swimming, but also for marine sports, the beach is a strip of sand that seems to emerge from the sea. Depending on wind and tide, the beach frequently changes its shape.

Valalta, Lokrum and Koversada Island – the nudist paradise

Valalta is a very popular nudist beach in Croatia, located near the town of Rovinj. Tourists usually choose Valalta because they have the possibility to camp here and the place has very good restaurants. Here you will find a fine sandy beach, but it is artificial and built especially for tourism.

In order to reach Lokrum Island you have to take a boat from Dubrovnik. The island is considered a natural reserve and is protected by the Academy of Art and Science in Croatia; on the east side there is a rocky beach, intended for nudists. The attractions of Lokrumsunt Island are represented by the botanical garden and the old French fort on the highest mountain peak, which is easily accessible. Another objective would be the old monastery on the island. Regarding the beach, it is located on a lake with opening to the sea, which is very suitable for inexperienced swimmers, due to the shallow and placid waters.

Koversada is another nudist beach in Croatia (and one of the oldest in Europe), located in the same area with Valalta. The town nearby is very impregnated by the “nude” current even stronger than Valalta. Here you can find both sandy beaches and gravel beaches, each of them offering good conditions for swimming and marine sports.

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