Sep 15


Many of us declare ourselves tired of crowded places, so tourists have started to seek other desert places where they can find peace and serenity, where they can lie all day on a quiet beach, in a hammock or in the shade,  without having to incur other disturbing elements.

Today’s destination is in Romania, on the Black Sea shore, where you will encounter two of the last pristine beaches: Corbu and Vadu.

Although it still is what we might call a wild beach, Corbu certainly will not stay in this category for long. That’s because local authorities have other plans for the future “newest resort at European level on the Romanian Black Sea coast”, as declared on the official website. The project includes both the beach at Corbu, and the one at Vadu.

So who wants to enjoy the wild beaches of Corbu and Vadu should hurry up before civilization takes over. In a few years, it’s very certain that things won’t be the same.

Construction plans have already been finalized and the project is available to anyone who wishes to admire and “marvel” concieved after the taste of the authorities and investors. What will Corbu be like in the future? Well, think of hotels and villas of four and five stars (goodbye, tents), marina for boats foodie (no more wooden boats), an international circuit of golf, casino, sports park etc.

But let us stay in present times and see what Corbu has to offer now. When you go there, you will take a bite of true Nature, which will be a true blessing for those who want to enjoy the simple life by the sea, with just sand and sun. Corbu beach is included in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, and from here you can make day trips in the Delta, departing either from Tulcea, or Jurilovca.

Besides the beach, tourists can enjoy other eco-friendly activities, including windsurfing, water sports such as sailing, diving and amateur sport fishing in Lake Corbu. Also in this area, if you have binoculars or a camera with telephoto lens you can admire some special species of birds, including the tern or the silver seagull. Nearby, on Lake Sinoe, in a simple boat ride, you will meet with spoonbills, ducks and pelicans.

From untainted nature we are moving on to history. Two major cities are near the village of Corbu: Histria and Enisala. The first is the oldest Greek settlement in the country, built in 657 BC and the second dates from the late thirteenth century, the early fourteenth century.

Corbu is located at a distance of eight kilometers north of Mamaia, near Navodari. You can get there by car, but it is recommended to choose your route from home, depending on the location from which you start. The beach is near the village of the same name, and to get there you have to follow the paved road which goes to the right, located close to the indicator that marks the entrance to the village. The access to services is not easy, and near the beach there are no shops, therefore, a complete and correct supply will save you a ton of headaches.

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