Jun 03

Gura Portitei

Now that summer is here and we are awaken each morning with the sunrays gently piercing through our windows, maybe it is time to consider a much deserved vacation in a quiet place where we can enjoy the sun every single day.

Gura Portitei is a village situated in the Danube Delta, in Romania, and has become quite renowned in the latter years due to the tranquility with which it inveils its visitors. This is an alternative to a standard resort near the seaside because unlike the latter, which is most of the time too crowded for many not only in the sense of too many tourists but also because of the multitude of stands which invade the sidewalks, Gura Portitei can be regarded as the epitome of peacefulness. Visitors can reach the village only by boat which means that we are definitely talking about a secluded holiday getaway.


Depending on what it is that you are interested in, you can rent a room at a nice vila or you can opt for an appartment fully equipped with everything you needed. But while comfort is the number one factor for some in determining the quality of their vacations, others depict their perfect holiday in different terms. At Gura Portitei, individuals have the chance to become closer to nature so to speak in the sense that they can camp on the beach, just a couple of meters from the sea. This is how many envisage their vacations: leaving the crowdiness of the city with a backpack on their backs and heading for a quite place where they don’t see anything in sight except sand and water. Lying on the beach all day with the sun warming them is everything they need to detach completely from their day-to-day routine.


There are other attractions in the area so boredom is something you will not experience while staying here. There are motorboats you can rent either to take a trip on the water or to go fishings, there are tennis and voleyball courts at your disposal if you are interested in practicing your skills and you can  choose to go on a boat trip on the Danube. You can even benefit from the services of a local tourist guide who can show you the surroundings. If you decide to visit Gura Portitei, do not miss out on the trips on the Danube because you are going to be taken aback by the picturesque image you are offered in which the flora and fauna combine harmoniously in order to convey a unique portray of nature.

Jul 20


Albena is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bulgaria. The city is located at 32 km north of Varna and 12 Km south-east of Balchik. But what would probably interest our readers the most is the fact that Albena consists of a beautiful coastline, which means that tourists have access to a beautiful stretch of golden sand and clear water.

The city began to be constructed in 1968 and because the building was performed much closer to our days than the previous towns, the result was that Albena is constituted in a modern design. What differentiates this city from others situated near the sea is the fact that it has varied relief characteristics, so to speak. Right at the end of the beach, lays a mountainous prominence which is covered by trees.



The Forest of Baltata (this is the name it bears) which stretches over the hills, in combination with the beach situated beneath, offers a paradisiacal landscape. The architectural design used throughout the resort was developed with a single purpose in mind: that of allowing as much sunlight as possible to be captured by the terraces adjoining the hotels.

Up north, the coastline is quite abrupt, and while it is basically impossible to descend, it does offer a great imagery of the sea and the town beneath.



The whole city was constructed so as to fit the possible requests of tourists so it is no wonder that the hotels are situated right on the beach, thus the guests having the sea in close reaching. Even if the resort has been designed for commercial purposes, the environment is by no means altered. The area still preserves a natural feel to it, even if it abounds with tourists. Besides the beach, Albena has other things to offer, such as cultural sites.

But even so, it is mainly the seaside that attracts visitors to the area. And it is no surprise that people from all over the world come to relax on the 5-km long and 150 m wide sandy beach. The sea is never agitated; on the contrary, you will find calm and crystal clear water. The sea level is not very deep– it reaches as much as 1.6 m at a 100-150m distance from the shoreline.



There are 43 hotels available for tourists, which range from 2 to 4 star hotels. This means that you will have quite a variety of accommodation services to choose from. The hotels offer either a view towards the sea or towards the hill covered by forests. The bottom line is that whichever option you pick, you are going to have quite the scenery to admire out the window.

One thing that might capture your attention is the spa and wellness center located here. The programs here developed with the help of local mineral water which has about 30 degrees Celcius. And because the city wants to offer as many facilities as possible, there are football and tennis courts, golf courses, an indoor stadium, an equestrian facility, bowling alleys and many more – everything developed so as to meet your needs.

Jul 18

Odessa beach resorts (Sejur la plaja in Odessa)

Whoever said that the beach is the beach regardless of the state you find yourself in was badly mistaken. Even if we are considering the states that are opened to the same sea, the differences between them are noticeable. And we are not referring solely to the clarity of the water or the delicacy of the sand, but also to the accommodation and services you are bound to find while on vacation.

This article is dedicated to the beaches in Odessa and will analyze both the beach resorts available in the third largest Ukrainian city, but also the points of interest located throughout the city, which might attract the tourists who want to gain some insight into the cultural and historical aspects al Ukraine.



First and foremost, it is worth mentioning that Odessa is one of the largest ports found in the southern part of the state. Dedicated mostly to industrial activities, Odessa has a powerful economy which is stirred by the labor of about 1 million inhabitants. But aside from its economic tendencies, the city is also renowned as a resort, where tourists from different part of the world come to experience, even if for a short period of time, the way of life that Odessa has to offer.

Besides the Sunny Beaches which indulge both locals and foreigners with a warm sea and a relaxing atmosphere, Odessa is also a tourist magnet due to the historical sites located here. Upon entering the city, it is impossible not to notice the wide streets and the imposing buildings with their beautiful architectural design. It is a clear example of civilization at its very best, emphasizing the affluence of the city.



The high season is quite long, lasting from May until October, and you do not have to worry that the weather might spoil the perfect vacation you have planned. On the contrary, the possibility of seeing a cloud on the sky is quite remote, the sunlight being always by your side. It is no wonder that the city bears the name of “Pearl of the Black Sea.”

When it comes to accommodation, you should rest assured that there are numerous hotels spread along the coastline. Even if you do not call in advance in order to make a reservation, chances are that you will find a vacant room.



But because you want to be certain that nothing can harm your vacation, you should book a room beforehand. From a monetary point of view, it is advisable to look into private apartments, especially if you come as a group. This is practiced a lot in Odessa so you will have no problem in finding a real estate agent to show you flats located at the seaside.
The temperate climate is usually characterized by sunny days, but the air does not become irrespirable due to the sea breeze which makes the heat bearable, and quite pleasant. So it seems that nothing can stop tourist from coming to a place which offers them a resort area which extends over 20 km and consists of warm sea and well-maintained beaches.



One of the most popular beaches along the coastline is Arcadia Beach where the majority of the night clubs are located – this being the reason for which many young people choose this specific area. Arcadia consist of numerous bars, clubs, restaurants, spas and hotels so it is no wonder that it has become known as the epicenter of summer nightlife.

The hotels are located in close proximity of the sandy beaches and have numerous services to offer, depending on the guests’ needs and wants, as well as on their financial possibilities. But regardless of the type of room you choose, be it in a 5 star or a 3 star hotel, the services provided will be impeccable.



In terms of other tourist attractions, you can visit the Opera and Ballet House, which has one of the most impressive architectural designs in all of Ukraine and has come to be known as one of the most beautiful theaters in the world. The monument combines elemens of the Italian Baroque architecture with those of the Renaissance. Statues representing allegorical scenes adorn the façade of the building together with the busts of famous writers and poets.

The Archeological Museum, which took form in the 19th century (1825), has more than 160.000 items on display, among which one can find remnants of Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, items belonging to the primitive and classical culture, as well as a numismatics collection.

So if you are looking to spend some quality time in a beach resort, Odessa is the answer for you.