May 11


Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, and is a city that has found its place on the European map about a millennium ago. An oasis of tranquility, Zagreb is a metropolis that offers the tourists who cross the threshold a quality time, leisure, fun and cultural activities.

This metropolis is today one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Europe. With approximately 1 million inhabitants, Zagreb is a powerful economic and cultural center on the world tourism map.

The history and culture of this place harmoniously intertwine with youthful activities that the city offers. Zagreb is one of the cities that managed to be propelled charts the most important destinations of the world. Although it undeservedly misses the fame other European cities, Zagreb impresses with its medieval towns and the wonderful parks. The capital of Croatia is divided into three distinct areas: the Old City, Lower City and New Zagreb.

Or the Old Upper Town is an important touristic area of Zagreb due to the old and beautiful churches that are found there. Most of the buildings in the Old Town have considerable seniority, considering that the first settlement of locals is officially attested since 1094. Tourists can enjoy a relaxing walk on the elderly streets of the Old City illuminated by gas, just like erstwhile. The medieval atmosphere of the streets transposes the tourists in an era when Zagreb was popular among the important European aristocracy circles. The most beautiful museums and churches of the municipality can be visited here. St. Mark Church in the Old City is one of the oldest churches of Croatia.

But in the Old Town can also can be visited the Stone Gate, the Parliament building and the Church of St. Michael.

Stone Gate dates from the 13th century and is an absolutely fabulous edifice. Another distinguished area is the Lower Town, which is dedicated to Baroque style of the 19th century where tourists can enjoy long walks on the narrow streets. They can stop for a coffee or a snack at cafes, bars and restaurants that are found in Lower Town.

Some of the main attractions of the lower area of Zagreb are the Ban Jelacic Square, Mimara Museum, Cathedral of St. Stephen and the National Theatre. Lovers of culture and history can enroll in one of the urban tours to learn more about these locations.

Tourists who love fun and hectic city life may take a dive in the atmosphere of the New Town – or New Zagreb – because there is the megalopolis of skyscrapers. The dynamic, rushed tumultuous rhythm of this area will keep the adrenaline high and those who are looking for amusement will not be disappointed.

Modernism is at its peak in this region as here, you will encounter the most important shopping centers of Zagreb.

These shopping centers offer tourists the opportunity to buy various products at low and convenient prices. Other amusement and attractions not to be missed are alternative to a stay in Zagreb nightclubs. Another important attraction is the Croatian restaurants that are recognized as having a rich and varied cuisine. To nature lovers we recommend quiet walks on the banks of the Sava and the alleys that surround the Jarun Lake. Tourists who opt for a stay in this metropolis can go by plane quite easy. Air tickets can be purchased at affordable prices depending on the time of year. In Zagreb, tourists can stay at different hotels or economical guesthouses.