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The largest Baltic city – and most say it’s also the most beautiful – the capital of Latvia is an extremely important economic and strategic spot of the region. Riga rises 10 meters above sea level and is situated in the homonym gulf, where the Daugava River, which separates the city in two, flows in the Baltic Sea.

Riga is one of the cities which combine old and new in equal proportions and it’s said that, for each old building, there is a new one. Unlike most capitals and important European cities that have an Old Center, Riga has a New Center, as well, which is filled with countless historical monuments of flamboyant architecture, while the old center hosts the cultural institutions, amusement parks and most clubs and restaurants in Riga. You will also encounter many cafes, pubs, pizzerias, and places of leisure.

It was attested as an urban settlement in 1201, and ever since, Riga becomes the theater of many historical ups and downs marking the city’s history, at the confluence of the Russian Empire and the neighboring Northern cultures.

Historical manuscripts mention its existence since the 10th century b.C., but it was founded as an urban settlement in 1201.

Many tourists arrive here every year in order to enjoy the beauty of the Art Nouveau architecture, blending with the more somber Gothic style, and admire the superb parks, gardens and squares.

Life in Riga is very vivid through its cultural events, sports (gulf, carting, skiing, water sports, pool and bowling) and also cruising the Northern Sea.

Regardless of the season, the capital of Latvia always has a lot of things to offer: winter sports, desert camping in the dunes nearby or enjoying time on its beautiful beaches, your experience will definitely be unforgettable.

Some of the most staggering visiting spots are: the City Square – ironically in the shape of a perfect square, dating from the 19th century -, the Lutheran Cathedral of Riga – a beautiful piece of architectural jewelry dating from 1211 -, the Riga Castle – probably the most visited spot of the city and the nativity of Christ Orthodox Church – a grandiose edifice in the shape of a sailing boat.

Seems that Riga bears the pattern of the Northern life style: rather solemn on the outside, but warm and boisterous to its core, and has a lot of pleasant surprises to offer the visitors, once they decide to discover its secret charm.


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