Split, a cultural heart in Croatia

Amazing panoramic top view of the historic city of white stone Split in Croatia



As a tourist in Croatia you cannot miss seeing Split, the place where one’s soul is fed by the rich cultural places.

As a place to start your tour is the Diocletian’s Palace. A guide in English is what you need in order to understand its complexity and enjoy all the beauties inside. The Peristyle is that open space where the six columns decorated with garlands will give you a sense of being in another century. Allow yourself to fully indulge in this feeling while you go and explore every nook of the palace.

Katedrala Sveti Duje (The Cathedral of St Domnius) is close to the Peristyle and it is a known fact that this mausoleum has been dedicated to Emperor Diocletion. In the 7th century the mausoleum became a cathedral when the remains of bishop Domnius are brought here. History says that Diocletian was the one responsible of the death of Domnius.

If you want to climb all the way to the bell tower, you won’t regret it. The view is a reward itself, both the sea and the city are in sight to be admired.

Narodni trg or People’s Square is another interesting sight to be visited. The old town hall has its charm and beauty. Here there is located an ethnographic museum built in 1910.

Do not miss seeing the statue of Grgur Ninski (Gregory of Nin). It is a statue sculpted by Ivan Mestrovic. Gregory of Nin it was a famous figure in the 10th century, seen as a religious leader. Make sure to follow the local folklore and rub the big toe of the statue. It is a way to attract good luck.

Because Ivan Mestrovic it is such prominent cultural figure in Croatia, there is a Mestrovic Gallery dedicated to the sculptor’s over 200 works. The villa has served during his life as a summer residence.

Split is a famous city for its sportsmen as well. As modern well known personalities, Mario Ancic, the tennis player is from Split, Toni Kukoc former Chicago Bulls star and Dino Radja from Boston Celtics is originally from Split.

And if you find yourself on the Bacvice beach you might get involved in a very popular game, the picign. All you need is five players and the desire to keep the ball in the air as long as possible. There are no losers or winners, it is a game played merely for fun.

Split it is for sure another Eastern European city that offers to its visitors many activities to choose from. From the excitement of visiting the numerous museums to the interaction with local people who are always happy to let you join their fun to play games.


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