Serpeni Headbridge Memorial

The tourist attraction tackled in today’s article is situated in the Republic of Moldova, on the right bank of Nistru River.

The memorial was erected in order to bring homage to those fallen in the 1944 Iasi-Chisinau battle which was carried on with the goal of liberating the nation from under the fascist rule. All the participants in the battle have been martyred for making the ultimate sacrifice for the better of the majority and thus the memorial eulogizes their commitment to their cause for which they have paid with their own lives.

The 22nd of August, 2004, marks the day in which the Serpeni Memorial has opened its doors to the public. The inauguration was actually part of a more grand celebration carried on with the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the independence of Moldova.

The construction work for the memorial was initiated while the Soviet Union was still in power and consisted of only a few basic elements. It should be mentioned that the memorial was constructed on the exact land on which the aforementioned battle was unleashed, an area which did not spread over more than 8 kilometers.

More than 11 thousands soldiers have perished while defending their beliefs and hopes for independence and the name of each of them has been immortalized on granite boards which are spread all around the altar erected in the their memory. The commemorative monument also comprises a bell tower which rises high above picturesque landscapes, and which stands as evidence for the rebirth of Moldova. The memorial is completed by the ‘eternal flame’ which burns indefinitely for the fallen ones, lighting their path, and by two mighty towers which are connected at the top by a cross that watches over them.

The memorial is situated only 40 km away from the capital city of Moldova, Chisinau, so if you are in this neighborhood, do not miss on the occasion of visiting the Serpeni Memorial, where you will find yourself in the presence of heroes.

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