Pamporovo Resort (Statiunea Pamporovo)

Pamporovo is a familiar name especially for those who are into winter sports as this is a very popular ski resort located in the southern part of Bulgaria. The beauty of the setting is definitely breathtaking; all it takes is to stop for a moment, move your eyes away from the ski track and glance at the surrounding area and you will be offered with a wonderful image which depicts a white background pierced by pine trees.

While the resort is mostly known for winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding, the area attracts tourists in the summertime as well due to the fact that people are given the opportunity to escape the mundane world with all its responsibilities, deadlines and must-do tasks and retreat into nature, at a high altitude surrounded by trees and mountains where they can breathe fresh air. Many choose this specific location in the summer mainly because it allows them to recharge their batteries before returning home and taking their life from where they had left off.

But for the majority Pamporovo is the preferred holiday destination because the resort provides tourists with all the necessary facilities which allows them to engage  in winter sports. Even beginners and intermediates are given a chance to improve their skiing abilities in specially arranged tracks.

Pamporovo resort is situated on the southern slope of the Rhodope Mountains at 1620 m altitude. But the mountainous peaks located in the area exceed this altitude, the highest peak measuring 1928 m (the Snezhanka Peak).

The region comprises several skiing tracks, each properly equipped to meet the needs of thousands of people that come to Pamporovo in search of a good time. Thus, the resort contains 18 elevators which operate around the clock in order to transport tourists to the tracks from whence they can slide down. Even if the weather is not favorable in the sense that snow is not expected to cover the land, you should not worry as the administrators of the resort have everything under control.

Pamporovo has 4 snow-leveling machines and 6 snow cannons on standby, ready to properly prepare the tracks for skiing. These are definitely great additions as the weather does not always provide the best conditions for performing such sports. The climate is mild and snow is expected to fall approximately 150 days per year. In fact, the region is known for having a lot of sunny days during the cold season.

For those who are barely capable of standing on their skates, there are numerous ski and snowboarding instructors willing to help them out.

Even though the resort has many facilities meant to offer unique experiences to visitors, there are many projects underway which will enhance the accessibility and usability of the tracks as well as of the surrounding area. The skiing area is about to undergo a serious remodeling. The general plan is to build many more tracks and housing facilities which will thus be capable of accommodating a larger number of tourists. The infrastructure will be improved as well so as to permit visitors to arrive to the region in large numbers and on different paths. The European Union will grant several funds for the construction of a highway that will connect Pamporovo and the Greek coast.

At the beginning of 2010, access from Bulgaria to Greece and vice-versa was allowed through a new border crossing point. This development in the infrastructure of the region played an important part in the growth of Pamporovo. It gave tourists a unique opportunity: that of indulging themselves with a prolonged vacation in which they can go both to the mountainside and to the coastline, the two points of interest being at a mere car drive distance from one another.

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