Oludeniz is situated in south eastern Turkey, about 240 km from Antalya and 315 km from another famous resort, Bodrum.

It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and is at a stone’s throw from Greece (as the matter of fact, not long ago, it was Greek territory). Since we’ve mentioned it, you can go on a day trip to the Greek island of Rhodes.

In Oludeniz you soak up the sun on one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

Oludeniz resort is slightly expensive and is visited by English tourists in about 95 percent, so almost everything in the resort seems to be adjusted to the UK way of life.

At the hotels the products, such as water, ice-cream or even the menus, are slightly expensive, but things are different if you chose a bungalow – which seems to be more and more popular among tourists, as the wild scenery of the Mediterranean is stealing people’s hears.

Oludeniz has two beaches, Belcekiz and Laguna Beach, one most beautiful in the world! Beaches are located in a bay surrounded by mountains that seem to rise directly from the sea, and the water is blue, clear, warm and friendly.

If you want to change the atmosphere, you can take a Dolmus (minibus routs between resorts) and take a trip to Fethiye or Ovacik Hisaronu for shopping in bazaars or luxury shops (don’t miss Tuesday, as there takes place the big bazaar in Fethiye). Also, in Oludeniz, there is a main street filled with restaurants, bars and shops where you can buy anything (clothing, water, souvenirs etc.).

There are three beaches: Marina Beach, opposite to the hotel, Champagne Beach, in the center and Dolphin Beach, which has three slides ending directly into the sea. On beaches and on the bottom of the sea there is soft sand, but around the slides, you should expect small round gravel, so maybe you want to purchase a pair of special aquashoes. Each beach has its own bar, sun loungers and umbrellas in sufficient numbers so you do not have a problem finding a place at any time. There are also swings and hammocks strategically positioned in shaded areas, so everything is just perfect.

Every hotel has special entertainment and animation programs and in the morning there are various swimming pool competitions for children as well as older ones; in the afternoon you might enjoy a session of afternoon polo or soccer for adults and evening entertainment at the amphitheater. In the Agora, there is soft music playing during the day and during the night there is a band playing live music for the guests to be entertained.

There are a lot of free stuff that you can enjoy: Turkish bath, sauna, steam bath, whirlpool, fitness, aerobics, aqua aerobics, volleyball, basketball, mini-football, 6 tennis courts, table tennis, darts, billiards, archery, mini-golf, water sports, windsurfing, internet cafe, internet wifi in all the rooms, beaches and the Agora.

It’s plenty to talk about, but overall, to put it in a few words, you have beach party, music, animation, dancing, fireworks and the most stunning sights and blue waters, just the recipe for a perfect vacation. Hotels offer free shipping on their beaches, you only pay the access to the public beach.

In conclusion, for those who want relaxation in an oasis of greenery, silence and overall happiness, this place deserves its name as one of the best resorts in Turkey.

The area is a dream land, the sea is warm, the weather is sunny with 30 degrees every day, so we cannot but recommend Oludeniz.

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