Nida, the colorful town in Lithuania


Lithuania is a country that has so much to offer to its tourists, from impressive museums to beautiful beaches where to relax and reconnect with nature. Nida is a destination only 48 km away from Klaipeda. Nida it is a town where calm and peace are the main ingredients for the general atmosphere.

Here you should not miss seeing Parnidis, a dune of 52m height. It is a destination for romantic tourists; from here they can observe and immortalize the sun rising and the sunset from and into the sea. Close to this area, there is a lighthouse of 29,3 m height located on the Urbas hill. The existence of this lighthouse makes the navigation and orientation on the sea much easier for many sailors.

In Nida is worth visiting the Lutheran Church with its ethnographical cemetery. Most of the tombs are made of wood and they display interesting shapes of horse heads, plants or birds.

Everybody read and heard about Thomas Mann. Nida gives you the opportunity to visit the historical museum dedicated to this writer. The museum it is actually the cottage where the author lived during his life.

Nida it is a versatile town where entertainment can be experienced in so many ways. Taking a stroll on the paths in natural reserves and dunes or spending a day out on the sea yachting are common things that a tourist might want to try while he is in Nida. Another way to enjoy the surroundings is to rent a bicycle and take advantage of the great infrastructure built especially for this sport. Water tourism is much wanted in Nida. The sea is there to be explored if you decide to rent a boat. If fishing is in your blood, then Nida is the place to be. Here they have special regions where you can fish or you can participate in amateur fishing contests. Bird lovers are coming from all over Europe for bird watching during their migration season. Even in winter there is something that can attract a curious tourist to try the sport of sailing the ice with Ice-Blokart, as it is called the special sledge used for this activity.

The annual jazz festival might be another reason for you to visit Nida. The museums are another important attraction in Nida. As it is the fisherman’s ethnographic museum or the gallery-museum of amber.

The activities here are so diverse that one thing is sure when you come to Nida, you have no time to waste because there is so much to be seen, discovered, explored and experienced.

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