Mud Volcanoes (Vulcanii Noroiosi)

The geothermal wonder called mud volcanoes can be found in Buzau County, in Romania. While upon first hearing the name, we might tend to think about a frightening phenomenon, the reality is that mud volcanoes are craters in miniature.


Mud volcanoes are formed with the help of natural gases that exist at more than 3000 m depth. These enter in contact with the phreatic sheet and the clayey soil found at the surface and the result is a fluid paste of an ashen coloration which is known as a mud volcano. This is a very rare phenomenon in the world, but Romania has more than 30 hectares covered with these volcanoes.


The mud volcanoes definitely create an unusual image, conveying a gloomy look to the landscape. Tourists are bedazzled not only by the volcanoes themselves but by the scenery these form together with the unique vegetation which has adapted to the saline environment. If you get real close to the volcanoes, you can actually hear the ground “mumbling” – a voice coming from the depths of the land.

Due to the visual effect conveyed to the setting, the region is also known as marshes. The structure of the mud volcanoes is similar to that of the conventional volcanoes, only that in this case, the eruption does not provoke devastating effects. The cons do not exceed 5 or 6 meters in height which is a direct cause of the distance to which the “volcanic emission” is being thrown. Due to this phenomenon, the entire region is arid – an exception making the plants which have adapted to the dry and salt soil, as it has been previously mentioned.


Other tourist attractions in the region

This is definitely a place worth visiting as you are going to gaze upon something you have never seen before. There are other tourist attractions in the area so you should make sure that you get around to all of them.

For starters, you should check out Sarata Monteoru which is one of the most important balneo-therapy resorts in the area. It is located at 20 Km from Buzau and it is renowned for the efficient treatments (with mineral, sulfurous and calcic springs) it offers for all sorts of illnesses. The area is visited by a considerable number of tourists on an annual basis due to the clean air, the picturesque landscape and the cures conducted at the resort.


In this region, you can also see Istrita Hill, where the treasure “The Hen with the Golden Chicks” has been foun,d and you can visit the Amber Museum or the Nucu region which is famous for the paranormal activity developed here.

The Amber Museum is located in Colti commune, Buzau district, and resembles a rural house with three levels, but only the downstairs and the first floor are arranged. The collection on display at the museum is singular not only on the Romanian territory by worldwide. Among the objects you can admire there is a piece of amber weighting more than 1800 grams and another of 1500 grams, both having a vivid coloration which ranges from transparent yellow to green and opaque black.


But not only segments of amber are found here. The museum has on display icons, documents, photographs, jewelry from the modern age, popular attire, weaving instruments, but also documents which present the means through which amber is exploited.

Amber is actually a multicolored resin which is formed from different types of pine trees, its age being estimated at 50-60 million years.


Visiting hours for the Amber Museum:

Wednesday- Friday and Sunday:  9:00 – 17:00;

Saturday: 9:00 – 14:00;

Monday and Tuesday – closed.

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