Mljet, the green island in Croatia

www.croatiaapartments.netSituated in the Adriatic Sea, Mljet Island is considered to be the green island because the surface it is covered with forest. For the same reason the island has been transformed into a National Park. It is close to the city of Dubrovnik and tourists from all over the world choose it as a favorite destination for hiking, biking and swimming. Because of its particular landscape the island has been considered one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world. It was Jacques Cousteau who talked about Mljet as one of the most beautiful diving places. If you are a passionate scuba diver you might enjoy exploring the exotic marine life in Pomena or you can rent a boat in Prozura Port. There are caves to visit and besides sponges, algae and colorful fish, you can also admire the live red corals.

A legend talks about how Ulysses, during his journey back home to Ithaca, came in Mljet and stayed for seven years. As a sign of his visit there is a cave with his name. The cave it is large and pretty impressive. Here, it is said that Ulysses met the nymph Calypso. She was the one who took care of him and helped him to recover his health.

In Mljet there are picturesque villages where you can always find someone willing to share with you the local folklore, beautiful bays and welcoming sandy beaches. In the south-east of the island are located the two beaches, Saplunara and Blace, where your taste for wilderness can be satisfied along with your desire to sunbathe in special private areas. The salt water lakes, Veliko Jezero and Malo Jezero with its curative warm waters they definitely deserve to be visited and tried on. St. Mary islet is an excellent place where you can recollect and find peace. Other important things to see are the ruins of Roman palace in Polace. The small communities in Mljet are eco-oriented and committed to preserve this area as it is, unspoiled by technology.

The trails on the island are allowing any tourist to feel the heartbeat of the forest firsthand. Going hiking from Babino Polje to Maranovici opens up a great view as it is the hiking trail on Veliki Grad and Montokuc. In Mljet there is a path going around the lakes that makes biking, walking, running a very pleasant experience. For only 100 Kuna a day you have the choice to rent a bike and explore Polace or Pomena for the day.

Being in Mljet for a week can turn an adventure into a very romantic experience. The place to stay is the Hotel Odisej or you can go ahead and choose from a whole range of private accommodations.

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