Loket and other attractions in Czech Republic

www.czechtourism.comFor those seeking a place with a medieval look surrounded by hills and forests, Loket (it means elbow in Czech) it is just what they need. This town it is small, having around 5.000 people living there and it is known to be founded in the 13th century. Loket is located between Karlovy and Sokolov and the best time to go there it is during summer time when everything is green and picturesque.

In Loket you can get lost on the narrow streets or enjoy walking in the small squares where is little to no car traffic. Another charming part of the town is the bridge that connects it to the mainland. No pictures taken in other bridges will look so romantic as the one taken on the Loket bridge.

While you are in the town it is a must to visit Loket Castle or the Impregnable Castle of Bohemia. The second name was given because the walls are very thick. Built in the 12th century, the castle it is considered one of the oldest stone castles in the Czech Republic. The castle has a medieval artifacts exhibition and as a tourist you have nine different sections to visit. Really impressive are the dungeons, the torture chamber and the former prison cells.

Loket is a favorite destination for those interested in fine porcelain. Leander porcelain factory has been there since the 19th century. The materials found in the region helped the factory to keep providing good quality porcelain products for locals and tourists.

In the month of July, Loket becomes a cultural little town. Here is hosted an important cultural festival in the outdoor amphitheater. The guests can enjoy being outside in nature while listening to classic or modern music.

If you are in Czech Republic in July you can also go to an important motorsport event in the country where the best riders in the world are present.

The Slavkov forest is another point of attraction in Czech Republic, mostly because of the outdoor activities like climbing or cycling that anyone can try. There are many paths on the forest for people interested in having a stroll. One of the paths leads right to Svastosske rocks, beautiful geological formations.

Ohre River is very well known as well, especially by those who love rafting. Tourists have different options for renting canoes in the area.

In Karlovy Vary are many spas and thermal springs that can change your mood and relax you after a day of long walk on the 17km trail in the area.

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