Linden Inn is the only inn in Bucharest that has kept intact the original form of the early nineteenth century. Linden Inn was built in 1833 by Anastasie Hagi, Gheorghe Stefan Polizu and Popovich. The letters A.P. and S. P. – the initials of the owners – and the date when it was constructed have remained preserved above the entrance corridor, since then until today. Along Gabroveni Inn, Manuc’s Inn, the Old Café or the Princely Palace, Linden Inn is one of the most representative buildings of Romanian architecture and also one of the few places that preserve the very special atmosphere of two centuries ago.

Currently, Linden Inn houses the largest art gallery in Romania. At Linden Inn Art Gallery you can find ancient artifacts, such as vintage furniture, paneling, tapestries and carpets, paintings, photographs, albums, old documents, watches, cameras and gramophones, coins and medals or icons. The gallery has several lounges: Louis XV Hall, Louise-Philippe Hall, the Rococo Hall and Louis XVI Hall. The “Spanish type” courtyard of the Inn has a rectangular shape and the access is through two arched entrances and heavy iron gates that are closed overnight.

The brewery is the place where history continues to be written. The impressive design, the pictures displaying scenes of Bucharest in the old days creates a feeling that you have travelled in time, during the ’30s. In addition, the location is among the few in the historical center with a capacity of more than 300 people.

The evenings at the Linden Inn continue the specific legend of the place: live bands and concerts with renowned artists, football matches, stand-up comedy performances, theater and improvisation. From the menu of a successful evening you should not miss a cold beer; the guests can have the pleasure to serve it, together with the delicious food at the special tables with incorporated drafts. All these and many others are great reasons that make you want to come back to this place.

During the summer, the inn’s courtyard becomes a place where you won’t be sorry for losing your nights with your friends drinking beer. The terrace, away from the crowded Old Town, offers intimacy and warmth becoming a cozy corner that you need to relax.

Currently, Linden Inn is also home of the Embassy Restaurant and several art galleries, which preserve old artifacts, such as paintings, photographs, albums, old watches, gramophones, collection coins and many other precious picturesque remains of the past.

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