Kiev, the capital of Ukraine is a lovely city, full of parks and green areas, which give it an aerated and clean looks, with wide boulevards and imposing architecture.

As you enter the city from Zytomir via central area, there is a wide avenue of about 5 lanes, where traffic is very fluent. You can drive through the city with a speed of 80-90 km per hour, which is very convenient for a capital of over 3 million inhabitants, whereas on the large boulevards there are hardly any traffic lights and pedestrian crossings; the pedestrians pass through underground passages – some of these passages is true malls that are worth being checked.

The best way to enjoy Kiev is step by step, but since it’s so wide, expect your feet to get tired at one point. On the path you will visit the most important edifices and landmarks, such as the Holy Sophia Cathedral – an astounding building and the first patromony on the territory of Ukraine; Lavra Pechersk; Military Museum or the Botanic Garden. The Saint Andrew Church – imposing and beautiful on the outside – is at least twice as spectacular on the inside. You can also visit the Podil area placed on the shore of the Dnieper River, the Euromaidan district, which has gained an unwanted notoriety during the recent Russian-Ukrainian conflicts, the House of the Chimeras and some of the many beautiful parks in the city.

Kiev is a very wide and large city, with an eclectic architectural style and buildings from the interwar or Soviet period, which are very beautiful and well preserved, but you will also find modern sky scrapers and glass buildings of 30-40 storeys high, mostly on the other side of the Dnieper.

One of the beautiful parts of Kiev is that its locals stand out through elegance and style, and walking downtown in your best suit is something very common here.

Another plus of Kiev are the restaurants, which are plenty and varied, for all tastes, for all nations and all budgets. You can try at least one a day and you can choose from Georgian, Tartar or traditional Ukrainian, as the prices are low and the quality is amazing. One of great characteristics is that, in this part of the world, food is still natural and healthy, as the “standards” imposed by E.U. and other organisms have not reached this area so far.

Accommodation in Kiev is, just like in the restaurants’ case, affordable and very high quality.

In conclusion as evidence that we liked the city very much, we are already planning another trip to Kiev soon and we gladly advise you to do the same and discover a touristic gem of Eastern Europe, which is too little known, unfortunately.

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