Innsbruck, an architectural gem in Austria

 Everyone visiting Austria is charmed by the beauty of Innsbruck, a town situated in the Inn Valley. If you travel by car from Germany to Italy or from Vienna to Switzerland you must visit Innsbruck. The Old Town opens up its narrow streets and let the curious eye of a tourist to enjoy the tall house built in Gothic style.

Your visit should start with the Golden Roof building. The construction dates from back in the 1496. The Golden Roof was meant to celebrate the marriage between Maximilian I to Bianca Maria Sforza. From this building the court was present and observed from above the festivities taking place at that time in the square below. The 2.657 gilded copper tiles are giving the whole construction an exotic and interesting look.

From here the next stop should be the beautiful narrow streets in the Old Town. Different architectural styles coexist here giving a very harmonious look to the area, from old Tyrolese architecture to impressive Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo constructions. If you decide to take a walking tour you will be charmed by the Baroque Helblinghaus with its intricate ornaments. Golden Adler (Golden Eagle) is another building worth seeing. This is an old inn that hosted even great Goethe once. The watchtower Stadtturm it was built in the 14th century and it still a favored place from where to admire the Old Town. During your walking tour don’t forget to visit the Castle Giant’s House (Burgriesenhaus), a construction dating from 1490 meant to serve as a house for a giant man from the court, the Ottoburg or the House of the Teutonic Order (Deutschordenshaus).

Very beautiful concerts you can listen to the Cathedral of St. James. Built in 1724 in Baroque style, the cathedral is beautifully painted, especially the ceiling, with its Glorification of St. James. The altars are made of High Baroque marble and here is depicted an important image of Virgin Mary, Maria Hilf.

Exploring the esplanades of the River Inn is another way to get to know Innsbruck. In Mariahilf District you will enjoy a baroque building as Mariahilfkirche, the green and rich Botanic Garden and the observatory. Next one is Hotting District with its gorgeous Old Parish Church (Alte Pfarrkirche). On Hotting Ridgeway you get the chance to admire the city and mountains surrounding the city. Your tour will end in St. Nikolaus District where there is a Neo-Gothic Church worth seeing.

If you are willing to go on a trip for a day from Innsbruck, then the old town of Kufstein is the best destination for you to visit. The lake has a story of its own and the Kaisergebirge is invinting you for a climbing experience. The small town is inviting you to explore the little squares with fountains and monuments and to admire the historical buildings. The place which attracts most of the visitors is Feste Kufstein. The castle dates from 1205 and it has a tower 90 meter-high (Kaiserturm) and an Organ (Heldenorgel) from 1931. The Organ plays a specific melody every day at noon as a reminder of those who died in the two world wars. Inside the castle there is also a museum (Heimatmuseum), an important location where concerts and local festivals are taking place from time to time.

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