Because the weather is so hot today, we can’t think of anything else but holiday in the sun, waves and cocktails on the beach. And what other country would you think of for such an experience, but Greece and her thousands of beautiful islands, clear blue waters and good vibes?!

On our trip we shall check some of the most beautiful Greek beaches – although choosing among them is one of the hardest tasks you can think of – and see if we can make up our mind about where to go. You can write novels and talk for days about the fascination that Greece reveals, but we have to make up our mind and begin somewhere…

The first one that comes into our minds is Paradise beach. Just like the name suggests, this spot located on the magnificent island of Mykonos is truly Heaven on Earth. Especially tourists who want to party all night long by the water and sand will appreciate this place. Paradise beach awaits revelers from all over the world, herbalists, bohemian souls and anybody who wants to live a unique experience from sunrise until sunset and the other way around. Even if you’re not interested in partying, the water is warm and the sand on the beach is soft and golden. Food and drink abound here, and for guaranteed fun, better leave the children at home.

Balos Lagoon

One of the most beautiful beaches in Crete, Balos Lagoon is near the town of Kissamos. Placed between two islands, Imeri Gramvousa and Crete, the beach is accessible only by boat or by car. At Balos Lagoon you are greeted by a landscape of unparalleled beauty created by a group of rocks, surrounded by pink sand and turquoise blue waters. This is certainly the most photographed natural wonder in Greece, which attracts tourists each year. July and August are the busiest. When you come to Balos, do not forget to get yourself a snack, because in the small cafe on the beach, the offer is quite limited.

Lindos Beach

Rhodes is the place where Lindos Beach, known by the name of Pallas, where the sea blends in perfect harmony with the history of the Greek islands. Tourists relax on the beach while admiring a temple that was built in the fourth century B.C., within walking distance. Here you can splash in the water, or you can rent a canoe or a rowboat, if you want a lazy afternoon around. The small town also known as Lindos nearby reveals the whitewashed houses and cobbled streets. Try the local cuisine and buy souvenirs, while strolling around the area.

Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi Beach is truly magnificent. Located on the island of the same name in the southwest of Crete, it is distinguished by pink and white sand and clear blue waters. Lifeguards ensure that everyone is safe in the low waters of Elafonisi and the tourists’ umbrellas protect them from scorching sun of Greece. If you want to explore the surroundings, you can go to Chrysoskalitissa monastery nearby or you can visit the Agia Irini lighthouse.

Navagio Beach

Isolated and putely magnificent, Navagio beach is the main attraction of a holiday spent in Zakynthos, the third largest island of the Ionian Islands. The beach is surrounded by rocks and here you have access only by boat. Once on Navagio, you’ll see the famous ship wreck, you’ll enjoy the clear blue waters and you can go sky diving, together with other tourists jumping into the sea from cliffs in the area. The beach is not landscaped and its rough natural beauty hasn’t been altered by the influence of man, and the boats carrying tourists even offer drinks and lunch on board, so everything is perfect.

Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia is as delightful as it is surprising. The pebbles of pure white are studded on the coastline, reaching the depths of the sea that has a surreal blue color. Steep mountains and high cliffs behind the beach add to the beauty of the landscape. For all these reasons, Myrtos was voted no less than 12 times, the most beautiful beach in Greece. Those who love Myrtos Beach come here for the sun, the sun and the sun. And, of course, the sea. Shadow is a rare bird in these places, and the only water sport that can be practiced here is swimming. In any case, sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented for a fee symbolic. If you come here it’s good to wear some more solid shoes, because what seems to be soft sand in the pictures, it’s actually pebbles that can create discomfort to your soles.

Greece is a magnificent place that needs to be discovered island by island, therefore, our trip to the realm of gods and eternal sun is not over.

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