Exploring Austria

Austria has numerous attractions and some of them can be further explored in the previous articles published on this website. For this specific article however I will focus my attention on the Austrian highlands.

Whenever I get to thinking about the Austrian Alps, the first thing that springs to my mind is an all white landscape. It is of common knowledge that in the last couple of years Austria has become one of the designated holiday destinations, especially in the winter time due to the opportunity it offers to tourists in terms of winter sports.


The resorts sprinkled throughout the Austrian Alps are quite different in the sense that they are developed for specific target ‘audiences.’ Whether you are interested in testing yourself on the ski tracks or whether you are simply interested in escaping in a fairytale-like setting, surrounded by mountainous peaks that pierce the thick layer of snow, and allow yourself to witness the grandeur of nature, Austria offers you everything you seek.


There are regions where you are guaranteed to be embraced by snow due to the specific climate and others where you will encounter everything you need in order to transform your holiday into an unforgettable one – which basically means that you can push yourself to the limit on the track either by skiing or snowboarding and you can spend your nights in clubs partying until sunrise.  The important thing is to establish beforehand what it is that you want to get out of your vacation and thus choose accordingly the resort. Even if your skiing skills fall in the beginner, intermediate or advance category, there are resorts especially created for you.


But moving away from the wintertime, we should also acknowledge the beauty of the green meadows and uplands when summer awakens the vegetation that fell asleep under the snow during the cold season. Tourists can explore the Austrian natural environment by embarking on a trip on foot through its numerous mountainous trails. There are organized excursions you can opt for and which will take you one step closer to nature. You will be taken aback by the impressive landscapes, some of which have preserve their naturalness to the fullest. Striding on the natural paths is definitely a way to get in touch with our inner self, to meditate and to contemplate life.

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