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If you are looking at an all green type of vacation and relaxation for a week of holiday in late summer, then take the advice of experienced travelers who offer you guidance and suggestions, and go to Terme Zrece in the eponymous town in northern Slovenia a few kilometers further from the motorway connecting Ljubljana with Maribor.

Slovenia is a small country with a wonderful scenery and despite the poor nightlife, at least in this area, take a week of the hectic life and dedicate it to yourselves, to your peace of mind and your physical and mental relaxation, all supported by a wonderful climate, beautiful sunny days, mitigated by the 400 meters of altitude that makes the temperature inviting.

The hotel absolutely comfortable, with well-furnished and spacious rooms, a kitchen that seemed fair. Hotel Terme Zrece offers various packages to the tourists who want to relax in their structure, with different types of massages available. It also offers the possibility to exploit without limits the two swimming pools with thermal water, one indoor and a second covered but in open air. Indoors are also present four different pools for the smaller tub and a spa, even for small children.

In the center, there is also a spa specially equipped for disabled people who come for these services and therapeutic treatments. In the basic package there are also includes two passes to Sauna village and gym that you can attend any time you want, and afterwards you can spend a couple of hours in the sauna and enjoy the steam rooms, or any other relaxation rooms.

If too much relaxing in this wonderful spa might get boring, take a one day trip to Rogla Mountain, where you can climb at an altitude of 1550 meters, which is no more than 15 minutes away from the hotel; here you can enjoy a 360 ° endless expanses of pine forests, that are green and fragrant, with a rich undergrowth of cyclamen. A natural wonder for lovers of peace and tranquility, in this period, the resort is being stormed by all lovers of skiing that suddenly pour into the valley during winter.

A tasty surprise is the craft beer brewed on the spot, which is truly exquisite, light and pure. The only downside is that it lasts a couple of weeks before it gets spoiled so you won’t be able to take home a significant amount, or else there’s the risk to not drink it in time and you will have to throw it away.

The small pond near the hotel is worth mentioning; you can reach it after taking on a bumpy little road, hidden among the pine forests, where locals often go fishing.

On the way back, you must not miss a stop to the famous Postojna caves. Near the large hotel you will find lots of shops, souvenirs, and, despite the obvious mercantile atmosphere, there are less visitors. If you want to have a relaxing holiday, this is the best option.

As for the cave themselves, they are a marvel. A train will lead you inside these caves that have over over two kilometers in length, and during this entire part, you are blessed with a guided tour in several languages, that will explain you everything that you need to know, for a distance of approximately 1.8 kilometers of wavy route, during which the spectacle of nature that surrounds you all around will distract you from your thoughts.

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May 16

Slovenia, a Fantasy movie like country

lake-bledBeing a visitor in Slovenia can add considerable value to your life. More than half of its territory it is covered with forest, about 10.000 square km of green paradise for you to discover and explore. Besides the natural beauty, Slovenia invites you to feel the breeze when visiting the small but impressive coastline, which many compared it to Venice. The architecture of the cities in Slovenia it is another reason you might want to go there, they are elegant, colorful and sophisticated. Slovenians invest a lot of love in their towns; a proof is the name of their capital Ljubljana, which means “The Loved One”.

If you like spending time outdoor, Slovenia is the right destination for you. It offers you a long list with fun activities. You can go hiking, skiing (they have the largest ski jump platform) or cycling in the mountains or you can go to a rafting adventure on Soca River. Caves like Postojna are ready to be discovered. If you like horses this is the country for you. Riding on horseback can be a very beautiful experience when doubled by the fact that you can admire and be around the Lipizzaner horse stud, established in Slovenia in 1580. Seeing the country from above it is another great choice when you visit Slovenia and the hot air balloon is the way most tourists enjoy the view.

Slovenia is about culture and architecture as well. At Lake Bled a baroque chapel is sheltered by tall trees and the effect is that of beauty and calm. The mixed architectural styles are another reason to go on discovering different parts of the country, from towns reminding of Venice, or farmhouses built in Hungarian style in Prekmurje to the Gorenjska church of Gothic inspiration and the generous museums in Ljubljana.

For romantics there is always Bled Island with the little church where many couples start their married life when the groom carries his bride up the 99 steps. And there is no great wedding without a great wine. Slovenes have a passion for vineyards, they have a vineyard or winery on every 70 people and it seems like the oldest vine in the world (400 years old) it is located in the town of Maribor.

Of course there is gourmet food as well. Having neighbors countries like Italy, Austria and Hungary, Slovenia developed a unique style of cooking by reinventing dishes for the tourists delight. They express their joy during great food festivals dedicated to cabbage, bean or chestnut.

If all these facts didn’t convince you yet how picturesque and versatile Slovenia is, then trust the film makers. A very well known fantasy movie was filmed in Slovenia, on Soca Valley. Even the symbol of the country (the dragon) reminds you of a fairytale.

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