Bratislava, Slovakia


View on the Skyline of Bratislava from the Castle

Slovakia can be a destination for art and architecture lovers. Bratislava is the city that offers a variety of choices.

Bratislava Castle attracts many tourists with its unusual appearance; it has four corners that remind you of the legs of a table. Visiting the interior opens up a new world dedicated to art. More than 3500 paintings, statues and prints are highlighted here. Paintings inspired by religious events or by royalty figures (like those of Maria Theresa or Maria Antoinette) are the major themes that visitors can enjoy in the museum’s rooms. In other rooms, local painted furniture, ancient weapons or clocks are displayed. A very well made replica of the crown of the Hungarian kings can be seen here as well. And as a final destination point there is the Crown Tower that offers an impressive panoramic view of the city.

St. Martin’s Cathedral is a place of Gothic inspiration that worth visiting it while you are in Bratislava. The church was used as coronation place by many Hungarian kings.

Built in 1778, the Primatial Palace it is probably one of the most beautiful and luxuriant buildings in Bratislava. The Palace it is the place where Francis I and Napoleon signed the Treaty of Pressberg in 1805.

Grassalkovich Palace is known as Slovakia’s White House. It was built in 1760 during Maria Theresa lifetime. The Palace and the park surrounding it are visited every year by hundreds of tourists, especially Christmas time when they can admire the magical lights used to illuminate the building.

Devin Castle it is another must see in Bratislava. The first known reference to the castle it is from 864. Back in the days has been used as a fortress during the Great Moravian Empire. Devin Castle became a museum and can be visited by tourists.

If you wish to take a nice stroll in the afternoon in Bratislava, then St. Michael’s street is the place where you want to be. Many shops are inviting you with appealing products while you enjoy the music of local street bands. The St. Michael’s Gate is known to be the only gate remained untouched from the old medieval city fortifications.

Even if it is of Communist inspiration architecture, Novy Bridge (The New Bridge) and Observation Deck it is special among the old architecture of the city. Here you can have a romantic dinner at UFO Restaurant and buy souvenirs for friends and family.

These are only a few recommendations to take into consideration when visiting Bratislava. If you plan to stay a longer period in Slovakia then you should go and visit some of the numerous caves considered as natural wonders or the first reservation of folk architecture in the world.

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