With its elegant towers and charming cobblestone streets, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, provides the perfect setting for a holiday full of romance. You will remain speechless at the sight of great architecture and wonderful parks of Vilnius, you’ll dance all night in the numerous trendy clubs and you will let romance blossom into a city full of baroque beauty.

The city’s decorum will remind you of one of those fascinating classic movies and you will be lured into its atmosphere; you can sip champagne while you cross the sky above the lovely city in a hot air balloon. The tour begins in downtown Vilnius, and includes a romantic dinner at sunset.

Vilnius city from horseback! Enjoy a ride on horseback through the city or the surrounding rural areas full of greenery. You are being offered organized tours, and horses can be rented from various local farms at the edge of the city. Perhaps this game will be a romantic inspiration for acts of gallantry, complemented by images of knights in shining armor.

What does a night downtown look like? Get ready for a romantic evening with music and elegant dance movements offered by the National Ballet of Vilnius. If you want a little more modern fun,buy your ticket at one of the many theaters here and be a spectator of Lithuanian classical dramas.

While in Lithuania, take an artistic walk through the beautiful city of Joneikiškių which is filled with museums, such as the amazing, original and absolutely delightful outdoor Contemporary Art Museum. The silence of this place and interesting exhibitions that are organized here will make this trip an infusion of culture that any visitor will benefit from.

Romance on roller blades: whether you are just discovering love or you just want to lighten up the flame, go to Roller Club, where party people put the roller blades on and fill the dance floor – these are safe ingredients for a night of fun and play together with your loved one.

Walking through town

Take a walk and admire the elegance of Gediminas Avenue, as you sink into a special atmosphere given by the history of this romantic city. Make a visit to the cathedrals whose grandeur will take your breath away and let yourself lost in a world whose rich cultural heritage is complemented by its magnificent architecture.

Crown your glorious adventure with a luxurious experience at Crowne Plaza downtown; relax in one of its decadent apartments. After a day of tourist explorations, an intimate dinner accompanied by dreamy views that see the top-floor restaurant Horizon and followed by immersion in a luxurious jacuzzi, will truly Lithcreate an unforgettable atmosphere.

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