Balea Lake (Balea Lac)

As you probably already know, there are certain places which are worth visiting in a specific time of the year, because the beauty of the particular location is emphasized solely in that season. But with others, tourists are lucky enough to undergo different experiences throughout the year.


So is the case with Balea Lake. The surroundings are spectacular irrespective of the time of the year in which you visit them. It pretty much depends on whether you are more fond of winter or summer, but whichever the case might be, one thing is obvious: Balea Lake will take your breath away.

The alpine environment consists of mountainous peaks, of coniferous forests and specific flora and fauna, such as the yellow water lily, the edelweiss or the black goat, the Aquila, lynx –these are all animals protected by law. In fact, Balea Lake, together with a surrounding area of 100 hectares, has been declared a natural reservation so you are more that certain to encounter some of the species of plants and animals listed above.


Probably one of the things which mostly attract tourists is the sense of seclusion they get upon reaching the location. It is true that the area has been specially arranged for visitation: a cabin has been constructed on the peninsula facing the lake and specific recreational facilities have been arranged so as to engage tourists in diverse entertaining activities.

Thus we can mention the sky track, the dock from where you can rent a boat and sail across the crystal clear water of the lake (in the summer), or the hockey court established over the frozen lake in winter time. An important aspect is worth mentioning about the resort. In winter, the Ice Hotel comes into being.


Due to the extreme weather conditions, the organizers are given the chance to use their imagination and construct an edifice made out of ice. So if you are interested in experimenting something different, you can visit in the area in the cold season and book a room at this hotel, which is equipped with all the facilities you can think of. The less adventurous can simply take a tour of the Ice Hotel for a small fee.

At night, the hotel is transformed into a club and tourists can spend their time dancing the night away. You can only imagine the beautiful coloration conveyed to the ice by the lights especially brought in for the occasion.


But while there might be a lot of visitors in the area, there is always the possibility to distance yourself from the crowd and explore the vicinity of Balea Lake Resort.

The picturesque imagery is overwhelming even to those who have visited quite a few impressive places of natural beauty. While summer transforms the region into a green oasis, it is mostly the winter which bestows the area with a fairytale-like look. It seems that the fascinating world of the north, with its impressive quantity of snow, takes hold of Balea Lake. The water of the lake is frozen, the mountains are embraced by the thick layer of snow and bits of ice hang over the eaves of the roof.


There is one thing that you need to take into consideration. The Lake is situated at a high altitude and the winter conditions are harsh in this place so before deciding to go on the road, it is best to gather some information referring to the weather and to the traveling conditions. Because there have been instances when the road leading to Balea Lake was blocked by snow, thus making the entire region inaccessible to tourists, and not only.